Aidia Grande secara harfiah berarti bantuan besar. Ini melambangkan upaya besar yang dilakukan semua tim untuk akhirnya membantu pelanggan dengan merancang pengalaman layanan dan peningkatan hidup yang ingin ditawarkan oleh Aidia Grande.


Yang kami sediakan

Yang ada di hotel kami

Company Vision

The leading educative hotel brand in fulfilling customer satisfactions by optimizing resources on converting visitors to loyal customers.

Company Mision

Exceeding guest expectations through hearted service experiences inline with human development and company business expansions

Aidia Grande Hotel "personifies" itself as a house of superheros that are powerful and helpful because of their integrity, determination and consistency in achieving goals and sincerely sharing their excellence and happiness to others.

“Every Superhero" in Aidia Grande has great charisma, good way of life, and yet is caring, affectionate, and warmhearted. “They" are lively, confident, unique, daring to be different and always seeking new ways to enrich ones life with excellence and happiness.

Aidia Grande Hotel believes in providing educative service and environment that indulge people in unforgetable signature journeys in their whole life.

hotel “wet cow” culture


to make customers feel welcome


to feel what others fee


to achieve more together


to be detailed for completion


to conquer every challenge with positive belief


to make every job has value for God